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Based in New York

The City That Never Sleeps

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Our Strategy

We Support Local

Build Communities

We Value Relationships

Small business is big business. Small businesses take a lot of time, commitment and hard work

Investment in community infrastructure is vital. We believe in creating thriving local economies

We like to think that no man is an Island. And no business can succeed without fostering great relationships.

We Are Buzz Crowd

Did someone say local? Hello, we are Buzz Crowd. We are your expert partner in digital marketing. We help small businesses maximize their online presence with a personalized approach to digital marketing.


We connect you to a dedicated digital marketing strategist. At Buzz Crowd, we delivers unrivaled local search marketing for businesses that want to be validated by existing customers and discovered by new ones.


Buzz Crowd optimizes its approach for the ever-changing digital landscape to ensure your business stay visible and relevant online. With client relationship at the heart of our business, Buzz Crowd makes digital marketing efficient, effective, and affordable for all.


The Rundown

The Internet has two audiences. The searcher (you) and the search engine (Google, Bing, etc.) Both play a vital role. However, your Internet marketing strategy can’t work to please one while completely ignoring the other. You essentially have to find a happy medium. At Buzz Crowd, we provide a well-balanced and strategy that includes both the searcher and the search engine.


We help your business get discovered online and get you in front of customers. Seems simple, right? While the idea may seem simple, the execution is complex and labor-intensive. And like in the world of business today, every plan is different. There is no exact course of action that can guarantee success.


This is why relationships play a vital role in the way we operate (and why we often sound like an online dating service). It’s important that we really understand your business and the goals you have as a small business owner. Some clients have very specific goals. Others just know they need help. This is what makes our approach so uncommon. We give you a person, not a toll-free number.


How We Do It

To avoid over complicating things, our approach to Internet marketing is generally successful because we go about it the right way. We represent your business and your brand online in a positive way. We structure our company in a different way. Our Digital Marketing Strategists are organized by their specific industry. This means that your account will be handled by someone who is specialized in your industry.


No two Internet marketing strategies are the same. We handle restaurants differently than we handle attorneys. This may seem obvious, but segmentation by different industry requires in-depth research and development. Paying close attention to detail gives your business a better chance to compete. The Internet marketing landscape is unpredictable and ever-changing. There is no secret formula or cheat sheets. Don’t listen to anyone that says, “We guarantee fast results!” these individuals are not being honest with you.


The other unique part of our approach is that it changes to keep up with the dynamic nature of internet marketing. Search algorithms update (like every day), your business continuously grows and your relationship with us grows. We make changes to your strategy by continuously performing industry research and actively communicating with you. We’re like an open book, our aim is to foster great relationships with our clients by being transparent and not making promises that we can’t keep.


It's Complicated

The job of an Internet marketer is never done. It’s complicated and requires a tremendous amount of maintenance. We like to think of it as that foreign language you learned in high school and never fully grasp. There’s a reason only about 20% of Americans speak a second language. Internet  marketing isn’t a DIY project, let us help you do it the right way so you get back to running your business. We make Internet marketing efficient and affordable for all we don’t require any contracts.

A Digital Vision for Your Marketing

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We are your expert partners in digital marketing. Buzz Crowd helps small businesses maximize their online presence with a personalized approach to digital marketing.

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Based in New York

The City That Never Sleeps

Mon - Sat 09:00am - 6:00pm

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